Change of Venue

Do you have children? If there are children involved and they are still in NC then it is unlikely they will change the venue. My husband had to travel from out of state to NC everytime there was a court date, and his ex usually wouldn’t show up with an excuse convincing enough for the judge to postpone it. Therefore my husband had to take off work numerous times for nothing.

Yes there is children but in my case there is four different files, custody established with another jurisdiction, a faliure to comply with all orders of the court an unknown address to the other party who has resided outside of this jurisdiction since 4 years ago and I am heading home due to retirment to where I am already a citizen and a resident to my permenate address since 1987 … Since the Order has a reoccuring benifit to my advantage I would think I would not have to return here if she does not comply… That is why I want jurisdiction change to where it should be, does that make any sense …

Disbelief in the system

I am leaving the State in the near future the ex is living in a different county than our divorce address unknown, everything is settled.

  1. Can I request the case files be moved to my new jurisdiction so I never have to come back here if the other party does not live up to thier end of the bargin ?

  2. How does a court look upon this type of situation usally ?

Disbelief in the system