Changing Locks - when?

I would think you could change the locks that same day as long as he’s aware. Let him know that what he doesn’t get that day he doesn’t get until ED or a separation agreement is settled on. Yes, tell him that he not to enter without you being there or by invitation BUT put it in writing.
Keep a log of what he’s taking if necessary prior to that so that you do not get caught off guard.
EDIT: You could also put in writing what exactly he’s planning to take so that you know ahead of time. And plan to be there the day that he moves so that he doesn’t take anything not on that list. Have a friend come over to “witness” if necessary.

I’mma locksmith. Ha ha ha, yeah kinda funny. BUT you can change the locks when he leaves… that day. If he has already signed a lease then he has already established a residence. If you are concerned that he’ll be “creative” about the actual move out day…Take a tape recorder and put it in your pocket, ask him, “so you are moving out today?”… put some kind of corny anitdote… Friday June 21st… the first day of your new life or somthing equallystupid… as long as the date is mentioned. When he answers in an affirmitive way, he has stated his intentions and has a residence. Once he leaves, you can change the locks. He cannot enter YOUR residence w/o your permission.

Once he has signed a lease and begins sleeping at a new residence, then you can change the locks, however you must first tell him not to return to the residence.

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I’ve read a couple other posts about changing locks but I have a more specific question. My stbx has made arrangements to move into an apt. next week. I want to change the locks immediately as he is taking stuff out of the house left and right and I can see him coming back in when I’m not there to get something else he wants. Can I change the locks as soon as he moves? Like the same day? Do I need to wait until he has spent a certain number of nights in his new residence or can I do it right away? He has said he will be sleeping at his new residence next week but also says it will take him a month to get everything out. I just don’t trust him but I don’t want to get caught in something that will cause a problem for me. (And please, no one tell me just to tell him not to enter without me there…that is not going to work!)