Child advocate rediculously biased and threatening me


I have been dealing with lawyers from the Mecklenburg County Council for Childrens Rights(CFCR). My case workers have been rediculously biased about their investiagion, and have lied to me and about me on several occasions. They have been able to get away with most of this by making any time that I meet with them a “mediation”. Which just turns out them threatening that I will never see my kids again. They have also stated that the judge hearing my case “doesnt wipe his butt, without the CFCR telling him”.

I have done a lot of research and there appears that there is no way to change my caseworkers, or have them be personally responsible for their actions.

Also, one of the women on the investigative team, has mentioned “Tender Years” twice, and this really has me concerned.


That sounds like a difficult situation. I wish you the best of luck.