Union County Judges

Are you familiar with any judges in Union County? I’ve been given conflicting reports about how one doesn’t take domestic abuse (verbal, emotional, mental OR physical) into any consideration, one doesn’t talk to the children at all no matter what, one thinks women who claim domestic abuse are liars and usually look less favorable upon them, one tends to favor highly against anyone who is abusive, one looks down on people who don’t handle finances well, etc. etc. etc. You get the idea.

By any remote chance, do you know where I can find a list of judges and perhaps some peer reviews or something along those lines so I may try to be as prepared as humanly possible when we DO wind up going to court?

Thank you so much!

I am not familiar with any of the judges in Union County, but you may find a list of their names at www.nccourts.org.

Been there, two Judges for the two years it took to settle child custody. I will not state the first Judges name for the initial child custody hearing, but let me say this, he clearly was against women and comment about having an attorney from another county was uncalled for in my opinion. His exact words
“let them get a high priced attorney from Mecklenbug”. He said this to a case prior to ours. Our first attorney was from there, how do you think this made us feel? I knew then it was going to be down hill, which it was. Next Judge wasn’t too bad but I thought he didn’t take in the evidence fully and didn’t want the children to be questioned. My advice is whoever you seek to represent you point blank ask them, how well do you know the Judges and who do they prefer to go before. They will tell you that they can’t choose who hears your case, but I do know they rotate, so some are not there in family court. The attorneys do know these judges and how they are, so don’t hesitate to ask them. I would go to several, some give free consultations some do charge. Have your questions about the Judges ready and questions about your upcoming case, don’t leave anything out. There is also a website Sparc which has a lot of information about child custody, visitation, parenting plans etc. etc. Make sure you have ALL your information and questions ready, be sure to ask how much time you have for consult 30 minutes or and hour.
Good Luck

Hey and thank you. I already have an attorney but I haven’t asked him about the judges yet. That may be my next move. The firm is a WELL RESPECTED firm (and I do have a male attorney so hopefully that helps) in the town so I’m hoping against all hope that I don’t have to go through what YOU went through. Thank you for answering though.

who’s your attorney, if you really want help? i’m just trying to help answer your question.