My mother is fighting me for custody of my son

Dear Marlie35:

Greetings. As far as I know there are no attorneys that practice family law pro bono. We do pro bono international, federal kidnapping cases under the Hague Convention, which use up all of our pro bono allotted time each year. I also do not know of any legal aid agencies which provide family law representation. I am sorry.

I agree that you need an attorney and I will commiserate with you that it is a lot of money for someone who is just trying to get their feet under them. No matter what, make sure that you attend the hearing. Best of luck.

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I am at a loss I don’t know where to turn. My mother has my son she went before a judge and made alot of false accusations about me to get temporay custody of my son. Here is my problem I can not afford an attorney to represent me in court I have called every legal aid office in her county and surrounding counties and no one can help me because she has retained the only family legal aid attorney in her county. I left my son with her because at the time I was going through my divorce and my son wanted to stay with her because he was away from all the mess at the time. anyway to make a long story short I went to get my son because he was being very verbally abused by my mother and he was not happy there with her. So she had the sheriffs office come and take him fom me with a court order. Would you please tell me if there is someone somewhere in North Carolina that could help me I have to appear in court on the 24th of this month on this matter and I know if I have no reprenstation on my behalf I will loose my son. I love my little boy more than anything and all I want is for him to be happy and to feel safe. I know that I am not perfect and I have made some poor judgements in my life but that doesn’t mean I am an unfit mother. I have called everywhere in North Carolina and no one can help me.