Child custody between States

Three years without visiting???
That sounds like a good reason to change the custody agreement. I hope you’re not paying her child support…
I belive that you would apply for the change here in NC since that is where you reside, and it was attached to the divorce your received in NC. Hopefully, an attorney will respond to this soon.

No just paid her alimony, post seperation support and retirement and all the maritial debt (128K) what a deal huh … after 2.5 years I did get 50.00 a month in C/S don’t even track what the arrears are anymore. the sad but true fact here is she was placed at a higher need of support than a child of 10 years of age and while she had a job, car , place to live and no court ever wanted to hear a case and no attorney ever wanted to present a case LOL hence my board name Disbelief… After all of that just being able to ensure the saftey love and affection of my son is really what matters … but always I fear her coming back someday and I repeat the entire episoide over our son. Disbelief

Disbelief in the system

Dear Disbelief:


  1. Yes, this order may apply if the divorce decree did not say anything about custody. You will need to register it here in NC.

  2. The court where the children live.

  3. Yes, I think so. It is also grounds for terminating parental rights.

Thank you.

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Thanks Janet,
I did not see your post earleir I just want to ensure that I have gone down the right path in this matter by ensuring at least it is identified in the matter … FYI
My goal in this mess is not to seek termination of parental rights But to get her help to do what is right for her child I know thats is backwards from most my son is the greatest kid in the world and it kills me for him to ask about his mom and for her not to show love and affection to him but “you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink right”

As I told her family a long time ago when we divorce you don’t divorce the kids it is both our responsibilities and the joy can be shared, I have become sort of an activist within our commmunity on this issue maybe more than what I want to be, but am working to seek the truth to be presented to the courts and am also am afraid of what these A-hole attorneys who beleive its all about money revenge and BS and who play homage to lip service … Those whom will not provide the truth to the courts about family issues and what is right and wrong within the care of children and regardes to contributions and those whom provide the care of children of divorce and I beleive it is not allowed to be assumed just one persons fault without regards to the obligations to children … but the attorneys can and do frustrate that with the homage to lip service and that they (the attorneys) need to be held accountable for …

Disbelief in the system

I have a couple of questions maybe someone could help with,
I have an custody order from another state from back in 2000 my wife and I reconciled and moved to NC then later divorced here in NC ,

  1. Does this order still apply for the custody ?
    (it was mentioned and attached to the Divorce Decree)

  2. For modification what court would I have to go too ?

  3. For 3 years she has not visited with the child and or supported the child, would this be reason for a Joint custody to be changed to a sole custody ?


Disbelief in the system