Child Custody & Child support

My son is 28 Months old and his biological father has never seen him muchless supported him in any way. When i was 5 months pregnant the father made several threats including death threats to me and death threats to then the unborn child stating he would kill me and dump my body where it couldn’t be found and cut my childs head off and throw it in a ditch. After the threats were made I filed for a restraining order in which had to be heard in court. During the hearing the father admitted before the judge that he had indeed made these threats. The restraining order was granted and expired when my son was 5 months old. I recently filed for child support about a week ago and so my question is…If the father pays child support does that atomatically grant him visitation or custody rights to my child?

He has the right to visitation regardless of support payments. Visitation and Child Support are not tied together.

No, it does not. He would have to seek custody in order for you to be obligated to allow him to see the child. Based on his admissions, I am not sure a judge would allow him visitation, unless it was supervised.

Thanks so much! Thats what I was hoping you would say. So in order for him to be able to get any type of visitation etc. he would have to hire an attorney and it be brought to court correct?

He would not have to hire an attorney, but yes, he would have to sue you for custody, and a judge would hear the case.