When I first told my childs father that I was pregnant he acted as if he didnt care. For 4 months, I would call w/ no response and let him know about doctor visits as soon as I would find out about them and he still wouldnt show. Once I actually “cut” him off and stopped caring about him and focused on my relationship at that time he decided that he wanted to show up and be apart of my life and at that point I didnt care. Now that my child is older, he would like to see them. I have offered visitation to come and see the child at a public place but he doesnt want that, he would like to come to the house and see them. Now that I will not let him do that he is saying that he is going to file for custody. What am I suppose to do? He doesnt pay child support. I have cut all communication off from him @ this time bc I am tired of the verbal threats that I have received from him. Will this affect me if he decided to file for full/joint?

If he files for custody you will need to counter sue and will have a chance to present your side of the story to the judge. You should also file for child support.

I have filed for child support and he didnt show up for court the 1st time and the 2nd time he showed up but I was unable to attend. As of right now I do not know the outcome. A good friend told me to type up visitation, have it notarized, and mailed w/ a return receipt w/ the days we can visit in a public place like a park bc its getting hotter and a time frame and then go from there. Will that work? I know he wants her to have over night visits but I dont think he should until the child is @ least 2. Is that wrong of me?

A notarized schedule is not valid unless signed by both parents. I would suggest for now you make the child available for visits in public places until ordered by the court to do more.