Never married, child visitation/custody?

I gave birth to my daughter in Nov 2009. The father and I were never married, and are not together. For the past 2.5 years he has not paid child support or really visited her. She doesnt know who he is because he is never around. We never went to court for paternity, child support or visitation, but when he asked, I allowed him to come see her at my parents house with their supervision…

Now he wants unsupervised visits, however he has not been a part of her life, and has spent about 24 hours with her since birth. He wanted me to have an abortion, and denied paternity at first. I told him he needs to pay child support if he wants the responsibility of taking care of her during unsupervised visits, and we are supposed to meet today and work things out.

He admits paternity now, but he is not on the birth ceriticate. I am going to ask for child support the amount in accordance with his gross income etc, and retroactive support as well…am I correct in saying that if he took me to court for visitation, that they would enforce this as well?

The court will likely give him visitation unless you can show he’s unfit.