Willfull Neglect and failure to support

I have a question about these 2 items.
I did not marry my child’s father and when I told him the baby would be born he filed charges against me. The baby will be 31 days old Sunday and dad has refused to legitmate the baby and provide any support, he has also neglected to call about the baby and I can not call due to I am afraid more charges will be filed against me.

Does this fall under either of those laws? He has admited to many people that the baby is his and even placed threats to take custody if he had to pay support, at one point he offered $40 per week but now refuses to do anything. My son is not the first of his children he has failed to support and I am not the first woman he has used intimidation tactics on.

I suggest that you file an action for child support through child support enforcement. If he attempts to counter sue for custody you will be able to present your side of the case, and let the court know that he has said he only wants to pursue custody in retaliation for your seeking support.

thank you! I see on here he is not the only man to do this. There should be laws to stop parents like this.