A few Custody & Support questions

Ok I am now calm considering my past posts and I will make this as short as possible…

We are not married and never were;

  1. My ex has recently started claiming that he is going to give up his parental rights to the child I am pregnant with based on the fact I intend to use CSE and the courts to set the amount.

  2. He has threatened me a few times with criminal charges, that were unfounded and a total scare tactic, threatened civil suites if I did not tell him where I was or a phone number, One of the criminal charges he threatened was a Class G Felony for a keylogger placed on the computers while we lived together.

  3. He has broken into my email account and old accounts that were there years before I met him and also changed passwords to them and also used them to change the passwords on a social site which he gained access to and acted as if he was me and also deleted messages he had sent me.

  4. He has recorded portions of phone conversations including conversations between myself and my minor child who does not belong to him.

  5. At the same time he threatens to give up his parental rights when the issue of child support comes up he also threatens to file for custody.

  6. He has denied and admitted paternity, depending on his mood.

  7. He has tried to tell me the law is that if I do not place his name on the Birth Certificate then I am out of luck for anything and that “By Law” I have to and have to give the baby his last name.

  8. He has asked the woman he had relations with 1 month after I left to help set me up so he could take the baby as soon as it was born…exactly how he wanted to do this I don’t know.

  9. I have monthly income and I am in school fulltime for a BA and he tries to tell me I will be forced to stop school and get a fulltime job if I pursue child support against him.

In short if he does file for custody can and will his behavior be taken into account and considering I am a high risk pregnancy and he knows this? But continues to attempt to stress me and threaten charges and such?

The ideas he said about CS are they true?

Is any of this verging on harassment?