Need some advice, my ex is trying to take my children away from me once again. I’ve not done anything wrong with any agreement that we have for the children. I give him more time then what the agreement says and don’t say anything when he finally decides to pay child support if he pays it. He tells the children that he’s going to take me to court and they’ll never see me again. I’m at my wits end with him and the stupid stuff he comes up with. It’s a waste of money to go to court when nothing is wrong. He does this every few years when he saves up enough money to hire a different lawyer that will take his case. I have the custody of them and he has visitation. He claims he wants more time with them but there’s no extra time for him to have them with school and other activities going on. I’m not willing to give up what time I have with them in the summer for him to have more time. He doesn’t work so he thinks he can do a better job then me. I love my children to deaf and will do anything to keep them safe and at home where they belong. I just need some advice on my next steps, I also keep a log with things that go on during each year just incase I need something when he takes me back to court. Any tips, advice, or ideas for what to do next will be helpful. Thanks

I cannot say what the merits of his case is without understanding the facts from both sides. It is excellent that you are keeping daily or weekly logs regarding custodial conversations and exchanges since this may be litigated now and/or at some point in the future.