Living together


I have not been up here in a while…because things have been somewhat “normal” if you can call it that! Got a few questions now:

  1. My ex husband, dad to my 8 yr old son, is threatening taking me to court for living with a man. First off, we have been together 3 years total now, and living together 2 years. He is WONDERFUL to my son. He does more for him than his own dad. Well, the “dad” is a little jealous I think, and is now “engaged” and is trying to throw up all kinds of little things in my face to try to lower child support, and have custody. What can I do? Can he legally do anything to me after all this time just because I am living with someone and we are not legally married?

  2. He now all of a sudden wants our son this summer, for the WHOLE summer and has just now informed me of this. I already had him a sport in summer camp. Cannot get my $ back…what should I do??? He has NEVER wanted him a whole summer. What should I do, what can I do?

all suggestions appreciated!

  1. Based on the facts you provided there is little, to nothing, he can do.

  2. Tell him no, and let him file a custody action. It is unlikely a judge would give him the entire summer.


OK, thanks for that info. Didn’t think he’d have any luck. but I always know he can try.

well on top of that. Our son we have together comes home last night, and tells me that his dad’s going to take me back to court for summers, and lower child support. I think it’s very wrong of him to discuss such with our 8yr old. What can be done about this?