Filing a charge against me


When I went to go pick up some money off him last night for his daughter he refused to give it to me and proceed to leave in the car with another woman to go ‘have dinner’. Well I called him and told him to come back, what he was doing was wrong! He did he pushed me and in self defense I kicked him, mind you I’m 7 months pregnant! He tried arguing with me and I grabbed and threw his phone and left (it broke), dumb move I know. He called the cops on ME! And told me today he’s gonna draw out papers. That’s INSANE, I doubt he’ll do it but what happens if he does? I have a 2 year old and I’m pregnant, I just want to protect my babies. I called the Police dept. and no papers are drawn up today, I plan on checking back every day and the only way I will draw up MY OWN papers against him for pushing me is if he does. I just want to be CIVIL but now I have a new problem to worry about!


More than likely if your husband is serious about this he will file an action for a domestic violence restraining order in which case you will be served with an order to stay away from him for 10 days before having a court date in which you will have the opportunity to explain your side of the story.