Child Custody ?'s

My ex and I have been split for almost a year now and cannot seem to agree on custody. We split because he does drugs (which I found out weeks before the split) and did not want to work. Now he works part time and wants our son all the time and refuses to allow me to enroll my son into a new daycare so that he can be pre-enrolled into day care by the time he is 3 (he is just turning 2 now). I am wondering what I should do to get full custody of my son and prove that is father is incapable of caring for him. Or if you could even go through the steps one goes through when divorcing when there is a child involved, that would be helpful. I would ask my own lawyer but I am currently debating on hunting for a new one because she does not return my calls, never answers the phone, and the assumption that I get from her is that she expects me to know everything and handle it myself and she only do the paperwork. The only time I have any contact with that office is when I randomly show up and even then I dont’ see her but the paralegal that can’t answer any of my questions. If you guys have any tips for me that would be wonderful and if you could even suggest a good divorce lawyer in the Moore County Area (other than Susan Lynch(my lawyer) or Art Blue(stbx’s lawyer)) that would be great!

You will have to demonstrate that the father is not capable of providing care for your child and that he is unfit as a parent in order to be awarded sole custody. Please contact our client liaison by dialing the main number and selecting extension 100 for a referral in your area.