Child Custody

I attended scheduled child custody mediation and agreed on me (mother) being primary custodian/caregiver with joint decision making. The only visitation that the father wanted was after school Mon-Fri 3:15-4:45. The mediator offered more but father chose the after school visitation. Received a call from the mediator 2 days later stating the father had called to inform her that he had changed his mind and now wanted 7 days on 7 days off. I will not agree to this as the father has never kept child for a full 24 hour period. The child is 12 and has not stayed with his father for more than a 4 hour period over the last 4 months with no overnight stays. I know this is all about alimony and not the best interest of my child. I guess my question would be is does the mediator ever make recommendations to the judge based on the mediation session?

No, the mediator will not make recommendations to the court. Statements made in the course of negotiations/mediations about settlement are not admissible in court.