Child Custody

Are there any Father rights in NorthCarolina?

I had a dis-agreement with my wife, after one month when i was not in my home, she got a restraining order, for one year and the took the kids, house and CAR.
I hired a lawyer, payed heavy amount still not able to see the kids.

Now after 4 months we have a mediation,
question: what if she does not come to mediation
what if she says that i will not give the kids
I have become a ATM machine for HER.

Can some one give me a good suggestion and every body are saying hire a good lawyer.
Now the question is WHO IS A GOOD LAWYER ?

There certainly are rights for fathers in North Carolina; there is no maternal preference in our state when it comes to child custody. It sounds like she has gotten a domestic violence order of protection against you, which limits your contact with your children. These orders remain in place for one year, and after the year is over your spouse can seek a renewal. I would certainly find legal representation to help you pursue your child custody claim and potentially defend against the the renewal of the DVPO. If there is a DVPO in your case, your ex can use that as a reason to avoid custody mediation, although she would need to file a motion and order to waive custody mediation in advance, along with a copy of the DVPO.