Father's rights

Wife left town with 7yr old son. Had a hard time seeing him. Went to court for rights. Judge ruled, she have primary physical and I secondary, seeing him as much as possible. Also ruled that we have joint legal custody. Because of distance she asked I try not to bring him back and forth unless its long weekends, holidays, etc. Wife still refuses to totally cooperate, giving me a hard time seeing him, making a comment that I can only see him on those specific times. The principle t his school and I looked over legal papers and discovered that in spite what (she believes) I stated the judge said, the papers could appear to support my wife trying to control when and how I see my son. I’m a good father and my son longs to be with me! I don want to take him, I just want my rights as a dad! I’ve given up my life in NC and moved within a 3hr drive, started over and have accepted the marriage being over unless God moves and does otherwise. She is giving me a hard time. She hasn’t done half the stuff the judge said in the temporary order. I want to go back to court and clear the papers up because despite the verbal recording, the papers have been typed slightly different and one can assume totally different. Can I ask for the voice recorded transcipt to be reviewed? Will I need a lawyer to go back to court?

You can ask that the judgment be amended, and should also move forward and schedule the permanent hearing. You can go to court without a lawyer, but I recommend you do procure representation.