Worried daddy


I was told today my a paralegal that once the custody is set the only way a judge changes things would be if you are not providing as agreed. I am not a lawyer but this is what I am being told. I have two kids that I am having full custody papers drawn tommorrow that gives my wife supervised visitation.

Chad Harbin


Chad is right. But remember a key issue, which is just an emotional one, not a legal one. You moved. And in doing so you seperated your daughter from her mother by nine hours. My dad has had back surgery, years ago, and driving for him is very painful–so maybe, in the interest of your daughter getting to spend time with her mom, you could meet her half-way?


Hi, i need some help. My ex girlfriend of 5 years broke up six months ago. After breaking up i got a lawyer and she did not. We had custody papers drawn up for our only daughter. I have we have joint custody, with me being primary custodian. Also the papers say that i intended to leave the state and I had the courts permision to do so and take the child with me.

The papers say im to have her from 7am monday through 3pm on friday, with her visitation being from 3pm on friday to 7am on monday. Also, she is to pick her up for her visitaion and im to pick her up for mine.

Well here is my problem, I moved out of state. My daughter is now inrolled in school. We’ve been here for 3 months and her mother hasnt came to pick her up yet. She has only seen her one time, and thats when I went back for a week to visit some of my family.
She told me that she wants custody now, and she just got remarried.
Also she clames that she cannt make the drive which is about 9 hours because she has a back injury, which she does. But I know thats not whats keeping her from comming.

So my question is, can she take me to court and change our custody arrangements. The way they are now if she came every week, it would keep my daughter from school here, so im worried that the court might change them? Can she take my daughter away?