Child Suport/Alimony


FACTS: Divorce finaled. Child Support and Alimony established and in place - based on NC law and current income at that time.
Current job in possible danger of not being available in the future! Next job MAY be at a lower income.

QUESTION: How does job loss and/or future lower income effect Child Support/Alimony?
To reduce either, What paperwork would need to be filed with the court, to effect change, if any is possible?


Support can be modified if the same is contained in a court order. Alimony is modifiable based on a showing of a substantial change in circumstances, and child support can be modified based on a 15% change in the amount of support calculated using the current incomes of the parties, and if three years has passed since the last calculation.
A motion to modify each should be filed to begin the process.