Child Support after age of 18

According to our agreement, my ex is supposed to pay child support until our daughter is an adult. I assume that an adult is defined as over 18 years old. She’ll be 18 in 2011. In a conversation a few years ago, my ex said that he “had to pay support until she’s out of college”.

My questions are: Does “adult” mean 18 years old? If my ex continues to send support, what is my legal obligation? I would like to keep the money, but use it strictly for her college costs (ie not put it into my general budget as I do now).


A child is no longer a minor at age 18 and becomes an adult. If your ex considers your child not to be an adult until she is finished with college and continues to voluntarily support her, you have no obligation not to accept the payments. I suggest you place the funds in an account for your daughter, which you have control over so that you may use the funds for her education.