Child support and child care


If you and your husband are calculating child support according to the North Carolina guidelines, then the amounts you are paying for work-related childcare and the child’s health insurance are factored into the equation. If you are paying for child care, then that monthly amount will go into your side of the equation. If your husband is paying for the child’s health insurance, that monthly amount will go into his side of the equation. Once the calculations are completed, the final amount is that which is owed from one spouse to the other, and nothing (including the health insurance or daycare costs) should be deducted from the final amount.

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Is the cost of daycare for a child included in the child support. My husband says it is and he should not be held responsible for any of the day care. When he did the child support calculator he did not include the cost of child care which I would be paying. And he is also saying that the difference of his cost of health care should be deducted from the amount of child support even though he allowed for it on the calculator. Is this true? I am trying to sort through all of this. Thanks.