Child Support and incomes

My husband and I have separated and have not yet gone to a lawyer about paperwork or distribution of property. I’m mostly concerned about child support for our 2 and 1/2 year old son. I am a full time college student, without a job or an income, and have my son 4-5 nights a week. My soon to be ex has a full time job that pays well. I know child support is based on the number of nights and income and my soon to be ex wants our son as much as possible. So to my question…if we split time with our son 50/50, will he have to pay child support if I don’t have an income?

Thanks for your time!


If you go to the main page ( there is a child support calculator you can use.

Thanks, I did the calculator and got the estimated figure he would have to pay. For some reason, he doesn’t think he has to pay anything at all. So the only way he would not have to pay is if we shared custody 50/50 AND if we had similar incomes, right?

Obviously these issues are more complicated than this, for example typically one person is responsible for daycare and the other parent would need to contribute, but essentially you are correct.

Typically, even in cases of shared custody and similar incomes, some amount of support will be paid from one parent to another.