Child support and medical insurance coverage


How does the state determine which parent should carry health insurance on a child? My health insurance is BCBS through my employer and my ex has to get insurance on her own. Her employer does not offer insurance. Also I already carry a family plan but my ex only has coverage for herself (it would cost her extra to add a child, it will not change my monthly rate any). How does the judge/ CSE decide which parent is responsible for carrying the insurance?


I’m assuming that you are letting the court decide this…? I’m not certain how the state determines who should carry health insurance, but it would seem to be easier if you decided this between yourselves.

My husband carried his children for a two years until his ex got a new job. The custody order states that he is responsible for health insurance. I believe that was put into their order only because he always carried the insurance previously and she demanded that it be in the order so he couldn’t decide to drop it without notice (like he would actually do that to the kids…) Anyway, when she got her new job it was going to be cheaper for her to carry insurance and it was better coverage, the company was bigger. His insurance had a high deductable before anything was covered so essentially she was paying him 1/2 of all medical and dental. With her insurance, he pays her the amount of the premium and they split the co-pay. It turned out to be cheaper for her to carry them and him to pay her for the coverage rather than to stick to the wording of the order and both pay more. The children have health insurance and he pays for it…the result is the same.


Normally the party who can obtain the best coverage at the best price (which is usually the parent who is covering the child at the time) will continue to provide coverage.