Responsbility for child

MY STBX still carries my two oldest children as well as myself, on his health insurance with no problems. I guess that it would depend on what the specific guidelines of the insurance policy states. My STBX has BCBS. As long as she is covering the co-pays and such and it isn’t costing anythin additional to carry this child, the ‘better person’ thing to do would be to allow it. Children with special needs will be difficult to get new coverage for especially if the needs were diagnosised while on the exsisting policy (I live this each day).

L. Kelson

thanks - it don’t cost extra - we have Cigna. So far no additional cost…the is one fee for 1 child or 10 children,it is the same. So would not be any additional money - which our policy could change from year to year. so far it has not been a problem.

Dear 4julie:

Greetings. First, I would confirm in writing from your attorney or child support enforcement that he has no further legal duties to the child. If he does not, then yes he can remove him from the insurance. If he plans to remove him from the insurance, then he should give her at leas 60 days written notice of his intent and ensure that COBRA informaton is sent to his ex.

Now, while that is legally OK, it is important to note that the child did not do anything wrong here and ensuring that he has medical insurance may be the “right” thing to do morally. This is especially a difficult decision when the child is a special needs child and going without insurance may be harmful to his health.

I am sure you and your husband will make the right decision for your family in the end. Best of luck.

Janet L. Gemmell

my question is - in my husbands first marriage there were 2 children involved…the oldest is not biologically his…she had him after they were married…the second child is biologically his…my question is…during a custody cases last year it was proved that the older child is not his - was not disputed by her and he got joint legal custody of his son with her having primary physical custody…this case was ruled that he was no longer responsible for the older child. He has been on my husbands medical insurance since separation. Since he is no longer responsible for the older child , can he get into any trouble by him being on his medical insurance since he is no longer responsbile for him…the older child is autistic and has several medical drs visit and meds also. the mom still uses the insurance for drs visits and started using it for meds also. should he be carrying insurance on him?