Child Support being established and dad has left state


My ex (we were never married) in the last month has left NC to New Orleans. He is now in FL according to his FB page and has a job there. Before this he saw our DS every Wed and every other weekend by a mutual agreement. Well 4 weeks ago he just up and left to New Orleans and has called maybe 3-4 times to talk to our son. I filed for Child Support in July. We have our first court date on Jan. 30. I know he is still a resident of NC and has not established any residendecy in another state yet. I have a HUGE feeling he is not going to show up to court. He called me and said he would send money to me when he gets a good job. I have not recieved $1 from him in alomst 2 years. Before that he was paying me $100 a month( again a mutual agreement). However I still allowed him to see our son as normal. Anyways what am I supposed to say when I show up to court and he is not there? Do I mention he is in Sarasota, FL or maybe New Orleans, LA? The only info I have is his cousins phone # in LA. I assume he is staying and working under his brother in Fl as a painter (under the table). Or do I not say a thing? I want the court to know that I have him overnight all the time now but, I DO NOT want to delay this process what so ever!



As long as he was properly served before he left North Carolina then North Carolina will continue to have jurisdiction over him.