Child Support Contempt

A little history: My current child support is $488/mo. Last month I lost my job and fell behind by $170 for last month and the current month is due, but is not considered late until June 8 (next month). In total I was late by a little over $650 total. I got a new job and received my first paycheck this past week and paid the $170 past due on Friday. Two weeks ago my ex sent me an email saying I was past due on Support and she needed an explanation or else she was going to file contempt the next morning. I called Child Support and got the exact numbers I was behind and sent her an email with the date I would be paid back up. I never heard back from her. This past Saturday I received a copy of contempt papers that her attorney filed the day before I made the payment. However, in the paperwork they have that I am over $1000 behind in Support. This is not the case and I have confirmed that with Child Support. I called the court house this morning to see what I can do and they informed me I have to show up to court or else there will be a warrant for my arrest even though I am technically caught up as of now and the numbers in their paperwork are not correct at all.
My question: Is there a way to get this dismissed since there is no truth to their contempt? I have no idea where they got their numbers and they (my ex and her attorney) refuse to provide me the information where they got their numbers.
Also, in the paperwork, they are requesting that I pay her attorney fees for this time and a previous time that I had been behind. The previous time support was supposed to be coming from my paycheck and it wasn’t and I had no idea until they filed contempt. When I received the letter for contempt I paid everything that was due and we never went to court over it. Will I be forced to pay her attorney fees if the judge sees that they have no case since I’m not behind according to child support and I have proof of all my payments?