Child support/custody

If I am making 85% of the income that supports my girls, is that worth ANYTHING in regards to custody? I have shown more concern for providing their health care, enrolling my 4 year old in preschool, and have better living conditions and more stable income.

Unfortunately, when my ex and I separated, I was the one that left the home. I wasn’t in the best financial circumstance at the time, and now I fear it will really hurt me if I file for custody. We aren’t divorced yet, but have been separated for 15 months. Will it?

She is also telling me that my recent purchase of a new vehicle (After my old one died on me) will be looked down upon as a personal purchase made in poor judgement. Is that true?

The court looks to all factors relating to the best interests of the children when making a determination of custody. Your income alone does not put you ahead of your spouse in a custody dispute, as your ex will be entitled to child support from you so that she too may provide an acceptable home for the children.

The car is irrelevant unless you chose to purchase the car over something the children needed and you could not afford due to the expense of the new car.