Child Support for a child in the early college program

My child is 16. Her birthday is 01/30/94. She is currently enrolled in the NC Early College Program. (She skipped high school and goes to college for 5 years, at the end she will receive a high school diplomia and an associate degree. She has currently finished the first 2 years of this program (which is all the high school classes). My question is, can I still file for child support for her since techinally she has finished high school?

I also have another question. Before my husband and I seperated, we filed for bankruptcy. Now that we are divorced he refuses to pay half of the bankruptcy order payment. Is there anything I can file in court to force him to pay his part?

Thank you for your help.

You are eligible to receive support for your child until she is 18, the statutory language regarding high school is meant to extend support in the event a child remains in high school beyond the age of 18, but not past age 20, it is not meant to cut support off if a child excels in school.

With respect to your question on bankruptcy, you will need to ask a lawyer who practices bankruptcy, and he or she will likely need to review the order.