Child Support for a child who doesn't live with either paren

I live in Asheville with our daughter, my ex lives in Charlotte with our son. We only have 2 children. He pays me child support for our daughter. My son, who is almost 17, would like to come back to Asheville, but he doesn’t want to live with me, he wants to live with his aunt, who lives 10 minutes away from my house. The child support paid to me now only covers our daughter, the child who lives with me. If my son moves to his aunt’s, will my ex have to pay child support for both children?

*** Not a lawyer ***

If the son doesn’t live with you, then why would you think you should get child support for him? If anything, both of you should pay child support to the aunt in that situation.

In this situation, both parents usually pay child support to the actual caretaker.