Child Support Hearing


After almost 2 years without a job, I found a job (1-month assignment) that want me to start a day before my court hearing for child support.
After almost 2 years, I can’t believe it.
How will affect the child support income, when I had only worked for a “1” day. 14 days more to go until a see a penny.

Thank you.

If you have a hearing, you will need to be truthful about your new employment. The judge will consider your new employment, and the fact that it is only a one-month assignment. If this is your first hearing on child support, you won’t owe money until the first of the month following the hearing.

Thank you Ms. Willis,

I am the one that is receiving child support. At what point should I say that to the judge.?
I need for the judge to hear first the horrible things that are going on now with my daughter first, even my ex is willing to pay me more than the child support says.
$150.00 more.

I would like to say it in my closing.
Isn’t that assignment consider sub employment or underemployment
because I would like a permanent job, but I don’t’ have it.

Thank you!