Child Support hostile ex

My ex pays child support the 5th of every month by check by putting it in my mailbox loosely. Lately it is after banking hours and I am currently unemployed receiving UE benefits so that hurts and he knows it. He was told by the judge to stop giving it to our son and telling him to tell mommy that this if for him. I made the HUGE mistake of asking for it two days early because the UE benefits are delayed and I have to get school supplies, etc. He said he could care less if I was laying in a ditch not to ask him for any favors. ouch… Not a big deal on the fact that he didn’t want to give it early. But the laying in a ditch is scary to me.

At any rate my main question is, “What other legal methods could I use to collect child support other than having him put it in my mailbox. He refuses to direct deposit because that would be easier for me…” He is very vicious. This has been going on for seven year and he is growing angrier with time. He just got re-married and I was so flexible with giving him more time, etc…

If he is paying support on the 5th, even if it is after banking hours, the court will not likely change the order as far as how he pays.