Child support issues

We DO have a custody agreement, it was incorporated in our divorce! It states that when the child it to be away from the othe party for a substantial perid of time, then they must notify the other party and give them a option to keep them or have it approved.etc. and my point is we are having to go to court over all this c/s stuff and mediation just because he wants to argue over paying child support, and now he’s threatening taking my son away, and making all these accusations like I am interferring with their time b/c I won’t back down off the c/s! If he would have been paying it like he was supposed to to begin with I wouldn’t have even went thru the court! I have done nothing but bend over backwards for him since day one, and everything I have done has NOT been good enough. I just don’t get how he can go away for the weekend over a hour away w/o his dad…but I AM that one who’s interferring IT’s VERY obvious that he just doesn’t like to have the responsibility on his back…and if he can’t even take care of him for a weekend how is he gonna take care of him full tim or even a summer! Am I making any sense or I just worrying myself to death?

I think it’s a little of both.[;)] You are worried about this situation and you should be. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be the wonderful mother you are. The thing is this…every accusation of neglect or interferrence will have to be proven to the judge in court. If you have been following the agreement you have nothing to worry about because the court will look at that first. You can show that this issue of custody and visitations did not come up until the issue of child support was pushed. He’s trying to intimidate you and in court make you seem like the bad guy…His attorney’s job is to try to get custody for him. With the track record he has it’s not likely that custody will be modified and the court will not like having to hear all this simply because he is trying to get out of paying child support. Which will come out when it’s heard that he has not consistantly taken his visitations. Gather all the information you can…let him accuse, let him talk…let him dig a hole for himself and try to climb out.

My suggestion about getting in touch with the aunt or grandmother that is going to be with him…that’s for your own peace of mind. You need to keep an open line to the family if they are going to have your son. If you have primary custody they need to be able to reach you and notify you of emergency situations. It does not matter that it’s your ex’s time…if he is not going to be with the child then the adults should be able to reach the parent that has the authority to make medical decisions and from the sound of it, you would be the most easily contacted.

Need support!! Me & my husband ARE officially divorced and we made out own “verbal/mutual” agreement on childsupport amount so it was nothing binding, and could be paid on our agreed amount,and when it was to be paid. Well since day 1, he has not abided by this, he has been late every month. I finally got smart enough and brave enough to get the child support thru the court & hired a lawyer, well of course it came out on the worksheet to be ALLOT ($400 more)than what we had agreed on ourselves, now he is fighting it saying it’s too much for 1 child, and that he wants to agree on less. He keeps throwing in my face our child doesn’t need that much money every month b/c I don’t have a house payment etc, and that he is NOT going to pay that much, and that he will take him away from me. I am not a unfit mother AT ALL, and he has admitted that, The only problem I have over my head is 2 years ago, I was charged w/ embezzlement from a place I had worked at, BUT it has YET to go to court the place is “out of business” now, and I HAVE not been charged/convicted, I DID NOT do it, all of it was a setup b/c I wouldn’t sleep with the owner an dhe re-paid me with this drama months after I resigned. Well, he keeps throwing this up in my face saying he’s gonna use this against me etc. Well since we have been separated I have logged every little detail of him not getting/keeping our child like he was supposed to, I have a log of the late child support issues, and I have very threatening text messages, & voicemails he has left me, etc. It’s a VERY ugly situation but, I am about to worry myself CRAZY over this. We went to court Mon for the 1st time over this child support, and he had it continued b/c he hadn’t talked to his lawyer yet, and he meets with his lawyer today for the 1st time, and then we go back on Thursday to court. Can someone please give me a little relief on this, do I have any worries with anything at all? I have people telling me that I have NOTHING to worry about b/c of him being a sorry father in the past. But him throwing everything in my face is about to get the best of me. I do have a good lawyer, but he hasn’t come right out and said I have nothing to worry about. I just want some reassurance/support from someone. Thanks!! [:(]