Child Support Question

From what my attorney has told me you can file at the social services office. You can also retain an attorney and file a child support order.

Yes, go down to social services and start the paper work there. NC child support enforcement has their own attorneys, you won’t have to bother retaining one. If you recieve any kind of benefits from the state, food stamps, medicaid for your child(ren),etc. the child support service is free. If not there may be a small fee attached. Also, be prepared to have your child support case continued for months. It may be a long drawn out process so prepare to support your kids on your own for awhile. You can go to and read up on the guidelines. Be prepared and best of luck to you.


Sorry, you won’t have to retain a lawyer for child support ONLY, seperation is another matter and I suggest an attorney but you won’t have to pay your divorce attorney to fight for child support.


I am leaving my husband January 8th. How do I go about getting child support started? Do I just go to the child support office in our county and apply? That is what I did with my daughter’s child support in South Carolina but I was not married to her father. I just need to know where to go.