Child Support Question


When my ex wife and I go to court for child support, the court uses my paycheck stubs to prove income for myself. She just gives the judge a number of what her income is… which is not an accurate number. She has never had to bring pay check stubs or anything else to prove her income. My ex wife makes more money than she claims in court, which makes my child support obligation higher than it should be. I have had a bad year at work, which I’m sure many others have as well, and I just want my child support to be fair… according to the guidelines and the correct income from my former spouse. We have a three year review coming up in a little over a month. She is being represented by DSS, which in the past, listens to nothing I have to say about her finances. I am unable to hire an attorney for financial reasons so I am representing myself in this matter. I have looked everywhere online for a subpoena duces tecum form, so my ex has to produce her financial records in court, but I am unable to find one. Does North Carolina have subpoena duces tecum forms? If not is there another form I can use in place of this? Thank you for your help.


There is a form for a subpoena and it is located at the following web address: