Child support questions


Dear M_wiseman:

Greetings. 1. Yes, child support is based on gross (before taxes) income and based on factual documents. It may be determined on someone’s capacity to earn funds though, if they are earning below their capacity in bad faith.

  1. Overnights is only for which worksheet you are on - A or B, not what type of custody you have.

  2. No, if you pay child support for another child, that goes in that spot. Thank you.

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I and my spouse from whom I am separated are trying to negotiate the amount he should pay for child support. We are in disagreement over a few issues.

  1. Is child support obligation based on actual average income, determined by factual documents such as paystubs or W2 forms? Or is it determined strictly from a determination of salary and an assumption of hours worked?

  2. What number of overnights determines whether one parent has sole physical custody or whether the parents share joint physical custody?

  3. On the child support obligation worksheet/calculator, there is a space for “financial obligation for other children.” If I receive child support for that other child or other children, do I have to subtract that support from my financial obligation number on the worksheet?

I have not yet obtained legal counsel and would very much like to get an answer to these issues. Thank you.