Child Support to girlfriend


I have a situation where I have been paying for the last 4 months a house now a townhome for my girlfriend. I pay for her children (two of them who are not mine), food, clothes, car insurance, all utilities, basically everything since she does not work. Now she is upset with me and filed a motion to show cause today asking for 4 months of child support even though her and my child plus her two childrens very existence depends on me.

I was told that child support above and beyond her money would be absorbed by me, meaning if I chose to do that then that was my decision. But my question is does she get all this support plus she gets a check for her child support at the same time?


I’m not sure I entirely understand the situation. It sounds like you have an order on child support, but rather than actually paying the amount you owed you have been indirectly providing support (by paying for rent/clothes/etc.)?

You are paying for everything they use food, clothes, car insurance, all utilities. And I am not sure about child support from her.