Child support/visitation

Dear concerned2:

Greetings. You have two options. 1. Let him take you back to court, hear him tell his story, then tell yours. File a countermotion to increase child support, deviating from the guidelines based on the extra expenses you incur.

  1. Recognize his interest and let him have the time…free of charge. Be glad that he is going to spend the time with your daughter. You spend the money on her, for her, right? Not for you. Therefore, letting him go with her is doing something for her, not you or him. Best of luck.

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I have sole custody of my 3 kids. My ex pays approx $800 a month in child support. Not nearly enough to support his kids many extra curricular activities.

He still has a relatively positive relationship with the youngest child. He spends a few hours a month with her. There is no formal visitation, and I never have denied it to him. The older girls chose not to see him due to drug, alcahol and anger management issues.

The ex is trying to force me to allow him to take his daughter to her soccer practices and games. She plays Challenge soccer at a cost of approximately $1000 for the year. I have paid the entire cost. I feel like this is like me paying for a vacation for my ex to take with my child. I would welcome his assistance and his daughter would love for him to show some interest, so I offered that if he paid part of the cost, he could share in the joy that it produces. He says he has already paid for the soccer with his child support payment.

His last response was that he would take me back to court, which he will. What should I expect? Should I just give in and avoid the court hassle? I think it would be important for the judge to know, that when my ex does take my child for an afternoon, if it is over the lunch hour, he refuses to feed her, since he has already given me $800 in child support. He is obsessd with money and hate.