Child Support

Whats the ruleing on back child support. If you just got a Dna test done and its been 4 all most 5 years and you never new about the child till now?
Also Since i dont live in the state of NC never have. She left 4 years from where i live and i find out now im the father can i file in Missouri. Or does NC handle everything?

Jurisdiction is proper in the state in which you, the payor lives. I cannot speak to the law in your state as to what will happen regarding back support.

The child lives in NC he was born there. So wouldnt Nc take care of the issue ? I have never lived in NC. She lived with me before she moved back.

Nc does not have jurisdiction over the support case, it should be filed where you live.

What your saying is Mo will have the support cause then. NC will have custody case then?


Is there any way that NC would take over the support case even if i live in mo?

The child support case should proceed in NC as NC is the state that has jurisdiction over the payor.