Child support

my son and his girlfriend had a baby when he was 16 she was 17, she moved to ga and my son is in nc, she won’t let him see his baby, they are both still in school, she is in college and my son is in high school, neither one of them work.

My question is if my son gets a lawyer to get visitation rights to his baby and start the child support process, what are the scenarios for this.

What kind of visitation/custody could happen, and how would they calculate child support since both are still in school and neither one has a job.

Would my son need to get a lawyer in nc or ga.

Your son would need to file for custody rights and child support in GA since that is where the child lives. I cannot advise you on how GA’s law works with respect to your questions. He should consult with a family law attorney in GA to create a plan of action for his case.