Child Support

My husband’s divorce was final in 2011. He was ordered to pay alimony and child support. However she came to live with us so the mothers child suppport was taken out of her alimony. Now the child is back with her mother but has dropped out of high school. She will be 18 in August and would have graduated in June of 2013. Is my husband still obligated to pay child support with the child dropping out of high school and no intention of going back?

Even if the child has stopped going to school, he must pay child support until she turns 18 years old. The whole statute is located at

Thank you. I have one more question. How often is child suppport calculated. This order was final in 2011 and she wants to take him back to court to redo income. She was already not working at the time it was figured.

Child support is supposed to be recalculated whenever there is a substantial change in circumstances. Child Support Enforcement usually recalculates every three years by default.