Child Support


One child graduating in June of 2013, the other in June of 2016. Last modification occurred in November of 2008. Support has always been granished from my wages. I have no desire to modify due to expense and the fact that it is all over in three plus years. However, since it is garnished from my wages, how do I notify the court when my youngest graduates and do I need to present proof ( such as her highschool diploma certification/birth certificates) of both girls’ graduation/age at that time?



Will it be viewed by the court that I wished to continue to support my eldest daighter over the age of 18 if I do not modify when she graduates this year?


You should file a motion to modify to get the court to recognize that your daughter has aged out and is no longer attending high school. If necessary, you will do this by presenting evidence at a hearing, but you could also work towards a consent order for support for the remaining child.

If you do not immediately file a motion to modify, a court will not assume this means that you want to continue supporting your adult child.