Child Support $$$

Parties can make consent agreements that are less than what the NC Child support guidelines may have awarded, however, she can always seek a child support order based of CS guidelines. If your child support was considered inadequate, she could seek back support. Your consent agreement would be relevant, but it is not going to be that useful.

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Nine months later and the cheating ex and I are still going around and around. Now she is trying to claim a house that is in the name of my father we are entitled to the equity in it since we lived there and his share is too bad gone !!! She also now wants to take everything off the table and go back the silly custody she wanted before.

My question is she said she will take less money than the custody calculator says if she gets her way on the custody and other things. It is my understanding that one cannot “contract” away the money for child support. If this is true it seems to me that she and her PITA attorney are setting me for something. I would like to know if this custody money thing is true and if I would agree to it, can she come back later and say she chaged her mind and want all the back money.

Her attorney and her seem determined to go to court over about $4,000 and it is also my understanding that going to court will cost a bunch more than that. If this is the case why would an attorney be pushing so hard for the trail other than to feather her packets with cash.