Child Support Order

The court will, generally, not interfere with an agreement you have made on child support. As long as you have been paying consistent with the guidelines you should not have any additional obligation.

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My ex-wife and I have two children. We have used the NC support guidelines over the past 8 yrs with some deviations as we thought appropriate since our divorce but never filed any child support agreement since the initial divorce decree. It originally was for $450 but now I provide close to $1000 per month with shared custody. We parent well together and prefer that to relinguishing control to the court. Yet, I wonder after reading many other posts from fathers whether I have left myself open to a potential problem by not allowing the courts to approve our agreements.

  1. What risk have I incurred by not filing an agreement when both of us have consented to the amounts over the years?
  2. If we filed one using our own amounts based on what works best for our children and ourselves, could the courts overrule us?

I appreciate your help, time and advice.