Child support


NO! You can not give up your rights to avoid child support. Only the father can ask for this to happen (b/c they live with him). And judges are not open to terminating parental rights with out real good cause and not wanting to pay child support is not a good cause.
My ex tried this. They laughed him right out of the court. And now my kids hate him for attempting this.


I am the mother of 5 kids 2 live with there father and now stepmother they live in New Jersey I live in Philadelphia the father doesnt want to work he wants to collect welfare and get everything he can get from the State for free.The 3kids that live with me father are desease so I am raisinng them on my own.The court want me to pay 645.00 amonth for child support which I can not afford Iwant to know if I can relinquish my rights so Idont have to pay the support before I wind up in jail