Child Support

Since none of you live in NC I think you have to refile in the state you are residing in. There was a post fairly recently in this same vein that one of the Rosen lawyers commented on so you should do a search.

We understand the CA has jurisdiction. We know can enforce the NC order. However, if we go into modify… Will they use NC guidelines or CA guidelines to determine how much child support will be?

If possible, will an attorney please advise?

Jim Easterwood

My ex wife and I divorced in NC about 7 years ago. The child support order was a NC order. My ex wife and my children moved to CA about 6 years ago. I moved to VA about the same time.

I would like to modify my child support order for reduction due to the fact that the age of 18 has been reached and they have graduated from school. I still have two children under 18.

Would my child support calculations be under CA quidelines or would they use NC guidelines and CA would jut enforce the NC order?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!