Child support


Go to the school and let them know you don’t have a job and that you are legally seperated. You can get on the free or reduced lunch program (I was on free lunch when I didn’t have a job.

You can get daycare assistance, food stamps, and medicaid while you look for a job or go to college.

You can also qualify for WIC.

Do all this on your own before you get in too much debt. I was too proud to get help where I could and went into debts with loans, don’t do the same thing. Use the available resources, it is not an easy process… but in the end it will help you get on your feet.


Thank you for your response and information.

My biggest question is … is it correct that no child support is “expected” or due until after custody is decided in court?

If it takes a year to decide custody, I get absolutely nothing from him to help take care of our children until then? This seems really unfair.

Again, thank you for the information, and I will look into those things. I do get some services already thankfully.


Awaiting a court date … we’ve been separated now for over two months. Ex has filed for custody of the children with unfounded allegations.

I have no job, and with all the things I have to do to be ready for court, counseling for my children, other miscellaneous meetings about the children, and having a young child not in school, I don’t even have time for a job at the moment.

I have received zero monetary help from my ex. I’ve checked with social services, and from what I understand, I am unable to get any child support started now … and … I don’t get any child support back-pay for this time period that he isn’t paying anything. ??? Is this correct?

I’m having to borrow money to pay my bills, school lunches, other needs for the children. Shouldn’t I be able to get some child support NOW?? or at least get child support retroactive for these months before court?