Child visitation

I don’t think thats possible unless you can prove she a danger to your child, the only thing a court order will probably say is that you nor him can have over night visits of the opposite sex while the child is in either of your custody. Just courious, why are you worried about what woman your ex is with, you probably not going to like no woman hes with unless its you. stop trying to be a problem yo’ll find its less stressfull.

Agreed. I may be wrong but there’s not a lot you can do unless there is physical danger or the child is being taken out of state. It will be easier on you in the long run if you will learn that you have no control over your ex or who he sees.
Her seeing a counselor, I would take that to mean that she is trying to strengthen herself emotionally to deal with being involved with a man who has a child and his ex who is causing problems. It’s not an easy situation to be involved in and hopefully she understands that it really makes no difference whether or not you like her as long as your son is alright with the situation.

my sons father and i were never married. can i keep him from having our son around his new girlfriend. i do not like her. she had been seeing a concelor for personal problems between her , me and this man. so can i legal have papers drawn up to were it states that when he has the child that he can not be around her.

Connie Hall