Is there a law in NC which prevents a same sex couple from raising children. My former spouse is now in a same sex relationship, I do not have a problem with it and the home environment is stable, but I have been told it is against the law in NC and the children could be taken away. Please no religious view responses, I am only interested in the law.

not an attorney

I’m not exactly sure of the legality of it, but I assume it’s legal. A very good friend of mine is in a same-sex relationship with a police officer, and they are raising 2 beautiful children of theirs, plus one of the couple has 2 children from a previous same-sex relationship. I can’t imagine a police officer would break the law, and threfore, I can’t imagine that it’s against the law…I’ll see if I can find something on the books about it, but if the home is stable, even is someone got a wild hair and tried to contact CPS, they wouldn’t find any reason to take the children. I think someone is trying to freak you out and get you to freak out about the relationship.