Childrens health insurance


A year ago when my ex and i went to court for child support, he testified that day that he was working a contract job and had health insurance on our children and was given a “credit” on the childsupport worksheet for $150, the amount it was costing him to insure the children. In the Order signed by the judge it stated that “he is under a previous order to pay $150 for health insurance premiums for the minor children and he is capable of continuing to make those payments”. I found out a week later when i needed to take one of the children to the doctor, that the health insurance had been cancelled for almost a month because the assignment he had been contracted to perform had been completed that prior month. I have a letter from the insurance company stating this fact. This was 12 months ago. He has to this day refused to provide the children with any health insurance coverage. 2 of the children have chronic illnesses and 1 will required another surgery. I have been on unemployment since just before that hearing am financially unable to provide insurance. Since then he has started to work a regular full time position and has told me that he will not be opting for the company’s insurance plan because of the cost. What rights do I have with this? He is still only paying the $100/ month child support that was ordered because of the $150 health insurancr “credit”. I do not qualify for any state health assistance for the kids either.


You should file motion to show cause as he is in violation of the order.


I have moved to another county. Do I have to go back to the county the case was originally heard in, or can I go to my local courthouse?


The motion needs to be filed in the county where the action lies.